Upear helps people find a training buddy and sport events in their area. Users can select their favorite sports, and browse their area in a map or list view, as well as filter users by criteria.

Starting new sports can be intimidating for beginners, or it can become boring overtime, especially when there’s no support or training buddy. Also, the motivation is fading away over time, and most people give up training within a few months time. Studies have found that exercising with a partner motivated subjects to work harder and longer.

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People that are starting new sports are often looking for training buddies for extra support and motivation. Finding the right person is difficult due to different goals, locations, and fitness levels.

Design an end-to-end application that allows users to search for others nearby with similar goals, fitness levels, or other criteria (found during the research phase). Like Tinder, but for sport partners.


Finding what users are looking for in their training partners

During the secondary research, I reviewed multiple studies, and confirmed the hypothesis that users are more motivated to exercise when they are in a group with other people or have a training buddy. They are more likely to stick to their workout routine, stay consistent, train harder as there's a feeling of competition when training with others, and, as a results, they have a better chance in achieving their goals.

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People who don't exercise,
wished they exercised

People who exercise,
wished they exercised more

After the secondary research, I conducted user interviews with 5 people interested in sports.

After the interviews, I revealed that when engaged in sports, the interviewees valued:

  • Feeling of belonging

  • Having fun

  • Making new connections and friends

  • Supporting each other

When looking for a training partner, they valued the following:

  • Partner's availability

  • Skill level

  • Feeling comfortable with the person

  • The accountability of the training partner

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User persona based on findings during user interviews

User persona


Next, I wanted to analyze the competitor apps, in particular, how their users can connect and socialize within the apps. I selected four of the most popular training apps.


  • All 4 apps are easy to use and have an intuitive navigation
  • The apps focus primarily on tracking user progress (running, cycling, fitness)
  • The competitor apps provide the ability to join challenges between the users, which motivates users to continue their exercise journeys


  • 3 out of 4 apps do not have a feature for the users to message each other
  • Most apps don't have an option to schedule and offline event
  • The apps don't allow users to see others in their area and schedule a meet up


Defining project goals for the Upear app

I defined project goals in order to set the direction of the next steps.

Project goals

Feature roadmap

I focused on including the features that would allow Upear users to easily find other athletes in their area based on their sports, skills and other preferences.

Feature roadmap

Defining steps to create an account and find a training partner

I worked on a user flow to identify the main screens for the mobile app.

A user flow of a user signing up and looking for a training partner. A user can subscribe for a Premium account that will allow them to create an event for other users to join it. A user on the free plan can browse other users in the area and message them directly.


After defining all pages that I had to design, I started ideation with mood board and UI kit, and followed by low fidelity wireframes.

Selecting a theme for the app

Mood board

UI Kit for the mobile app

Mood board

Sketches, low and high fidelity wireframes

I worked on the sketched and translated them to low fidelity wireframes to map the main screens for the defined task flow.

User cards' variants

I compared different versions of user cards, focusing on different attributes. Based on the initial user interviews, users valued not only skills, but also personality of their training partner. The third version showcased all important qualities of the athletes.

Prototype & test

In the next steps, I designed a high fidelity prototype and conducted test with 5 people from the target audience. The goal of this step was to test, whether it was intuitive for users to sign up, find other users and events to train with, and connect.

Upear prototypeOpen prototype


Pain points:

Final design

After reviewing the user feedback, I made the final iterations to make the app more intuitive and easy to use.

Sign up pageSelect accountPersonal detailsSelect sportSelect sport

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