Dressera is a responsive web app that provides a solution for stylists, allowing them to store all client's data, and create wardrobes and outfit collages all in one place.

When working with clients, stylists require a tool to store, create and share outfits and capsule wardrobes with their clients. With the start of the pandemic, many stylists have started to work with their clients remotely, hence they require a digital tool to fulfill these actions.

My role
UX design
UI design

Group Critiques
Product Owner

Stylists don’t have a single tool to store their ideas, share the created capsule wardrobes and outfits with their users, and have access to a database with clothes, shoes, and accessories within different price ranges.  

Design a responsive website, where stylists will be able to create outfits and capsule wardrobes, using the database of the most available and popular online stores.


The struggles stylists face when working with clients remotely

After interviewing stylists that work with clients remotely, I highlighted the main pain points that they experience with the software of their choice:

Constantly switching between apps like Keynotes, Canva, online stores is very time-consuming. I wish I could spend more time doing the creative work.


Storing files with all references can be very cumbersome and not well organized.


I spend a lot of time manually checking if the links to favorite items are still working and whether the items are in store.


I store all my work on the computer. Storing everything in the cloud would be more convenient.



I reviewed three apps, that stylists mentioned during the user interview, and that are part of their current process of working with clients. Canva, PowerPoint and Keynote apps are free. Additionally, I reviewed CLOSET app, that is designed specifically for stylists, unlike the first three apps.


  • The competitor apps are available on mobile and desktop
  • All apps have a free plan that is sufficient for the stylists' use
  • Easy access to user’s existing projects, ability to use templates


  • None of the competitor apps are designed specifically for stylists, there’s no access to clothes available in online stores
  • Only in Closet app users can upload their assets and re-use them in different projects
  • Currently, there’s no single app that would solve all stylist’s needs, with the access to most popular online shops, ability to store, add and reuse assets, and add comments directly  to each item

Defining the user

Common motivations & frustrations of stylists

User persona

Flow of creating a new client and sharing work

At this stage I created a user flow of a stylists signing up and creating a new wardrobe (collage) for their client, including options to upload a personal item, as well as select an item from the existing catalog.

User flow

User flow


After defining all steps that I need to create for the MVP of the web app, I started ideation with mood board and UI kit, and followed by low fidelity wireframes.

Defining a theme

The responsive web app for designers should look and feel modern and friendly.

Mood board

Mood board

UI Kit

Mood board

Ideation and wireframes

User task
Sign up for an account, create a wardrobe capsule and share it with a client.


Collage layout variants

I reviewed two different versions of the main canvas layout, where I iterated on the position of the bar with item, available in different stores. I went ahead with the first variant, where the bar is placed at the bottom of the screen, which is easier to navigate, and is less confusing to the user.

Low fidelity prototypes

Sign up page
Select accountSelect account

High fidelity prototypes

Select Google accountAllow access
Sign upLevels and goals

Prototype & test

In the next steps, I designed a high fidelity prototype and conducted test with 4 stylists. The goal of this step was to test, whether it was easy to navigate and intuitive for stylists to start creating a capsule wardrobe and understand how the tool works.

Upear prototypeOpen prototype


Pain points:

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Todoist Calendar

Adding a calendar view to make help users schedule their tasks

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